Players who wish to improve are sometimes advised to “watch replays of their games.” Previously, there was no simple method to accomplish this in League of Legends. All you need to do is click a button to access Riot’s replay capability in their client. Spending a few minutes reviewing a finished game will teach you more about your own weaknesses (and strengths). How to League of Legends replay analysis by

Refresh Yourself – League of Legends replay analysis

Assume for a moment that you have taken a few days break from League of Legends replay analysis and that you don’t quite remember your most recent League of Legends replay analysis session. Refreshing oneself should be the first step in the replay analysis process. Look over your most recent games on the match history screen and choose one to concentrate on. It doesn’t matter if you choose a game you won or lost because even your finest games might contain errors.

Refresh Yourself - League of Legends replay analysis

Refresh Yourself – League of Legends replay analysis

Use Match History Analytics

Check out the post-game analytics, including the scoreboard, summary, stats, and graphs, once you’ve chosen a game to analyze from your match history. The scoreboard is a useful location to review your build for flaws and take note of both champion picks. Consider if you purchased the appropriate footwear (was it a Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabi kind of game).

Did you purchase Randuin’s Omen for protection against severe critical strike damage? Keep track of your champion level and creep-score. Compared to other players, were you overleveled or underleveled? Was your CS higher or lower than the norm?. – League of Legends replay analysis

The overview tab will provide a graph showing the blue/red team gold advantage along with the dates and locations of fatalities on the map. This tool will help you remember the kills that changed the course of your game so you can locate them later on when you watch the replay. The same numerical data is produced in two distinct ways by the stats & graphs tabs. The damage you inflicted and received is shown in these tabs, along with some cutting-edge statistics like “vision score” and “crowd control score.”

The intangible parts of your play won’t be revealed by this statistics, but it’s a fantastic spot to judge if you tanked well for your team or whether you delivered the right amount of damage. If there is next to “control wards purchased,” you probably have a serious problem with eyesight and, consequently, with map awareness.

Use Match History Analytics

Use Match History Analytics

Load Up the Replay

I’m hoping the post-game analytics showed you a few things to look at in your replay. To leave this page and return to your match history list, click the X. Then select a match to download for replay. Your game should start after that. – League of Legends replay analysis.

Start With the First Big Mistake

The best thing to do while reviewing your replay is to start with your laning phase and work to identify the first significant error you committed. You’ll likely feel overwhelmed by all the errors that were made after a particularly humiliating defeat. Just concentrate on your own mistakes and keep in mind that every game begins tied. Consider what you might have done to influence the situation after identifying the first significant incident that affected the game’s outcome. – League of Legends replay analysis.

Study the Big Picture

Being a playmaker requires rotations throughout the middle and end of the game. Being even a second late for a dragon skirmish will cost you the battle, so you have to be in the correct position at the right time. In this part of the game, strategic play and movement are more important than outplaying your opponents in battle. – league of legends replay analysis.

  • Did you group and split push at the proper moments?
  • Did you participate in the big battles or did you lag behind because you were focused on something else?
  • Did you assist your group in maintaining eye control?

Did you successfully influence minion waves?

Force your opponents to decide between farming a wave of stacked minions or forming a group to attack an objective at the opposite end of the battlefield by using minion waves. The ideal scenario is for you to take the dragon and then grab the piled wave right as it approaches your tower. Knowing the fundamentals of wave management is necessary to manipulate waves to your advantage.

Study the Big Picture

Study the Big Picture

Analyze Your Teamfights

Analyze Your Teamfights – League of Legends replay analysis. League of Legends’ teamfights are one of the most demanding aspects of the game, and deciphering why a fight went wrong can be just as challenging as the actual battle. If a meeting didn’t go well, consider the following:

  • Did my team even want to engage in a teamfight, or did that specific teamfight help my adversaries?
  • Did I play mindful of the cooldowns for both friendly and opponent summoner spells? Did I enter anything like to Syndra’s final?
  • Did I adopt the proper strategy?

Understanding your job is essential to approaching a teamfight appropriately. Depending on whether you are a backline carry, a frontline tank, or a champion who falls somewhere in the middle, your role will vary. The game will probably modify your role as it goes along. Late-game Renekton must play more carefully and evaluate when he needs to protect his team instead of rushing for the kill on the other team’s carries. Mid-game Renekton can dive the opposing carriers and do as much damage as possible. – League of Legends replay analysis

You should be considering your teamfighting positioning if you are the ADC or Mid. Did you position yourself too near or too far away from the target, allowing AOE damage to hit you hard? Look for opportunities to do something unexpected, like as advance past the tanks and bust an enemy carry to make the battle much more open. hope you will collect useful and necessary game guide through the above article: How to League of Legends replay analysis: best guide.