The team is protected by the supports. A supporter who is facilitating their success may be found behind every effective carry. The strategies for maximizing your support games to help your team win are provided here. This below article How to play support in League of Legends: Attractive guide by

Champion Select – How to play support in League of Legends

Before learning about Tips For Playing Support  let’s find out Champion Select – How to play support in League of Legends first.

Champion Select - How to play support in League of Legends

Champion Select – How to play support in League of Legends


Tanks and enchanters are the two primary subcategories of support champions. For assistance, tanks are chosen because of their engage. Tanks with little to no crowd control are not practical in this low economic function since they cannot buy the necessary components. Support tanks are anticipated to possess just the right amount of tankiness to release their crowd control before losing battles. Even though they provide the support less stats, they typically pay priority to developing equipment that aid in the protection of their carry.


Enchanters are chosen due of their capacity to maintain the life of their carry. They function best when there is a powerful carry or carries that the other team must instantly focus on during combat. The carriers are kept alive longer by enchanters than they could on their own by using shields or heals. Peeling skills are frequently available to enchanters for their carry. These are useful for preventing melee champions and assassins from climbing up on the carry.

Summoner Spell Choice

Flash may be combined by supports with Ignite, Heal, or Exhaust. The bold selection in the lane is ignite. On supports with early access to crowd control, it is most frequently observed. Tank supports are also frequently the result of this. When your bot laner chooses against taking it for themselves, healing is a wonderful option. Taking on support may not be the most effective move, but it may be preferable than having no healer in the lane at all. Even in 2v2s, the double heal effect is potent. Exhaust is excellent for aiding in the peeling of your carries. Enchanter supports most frequently take this.

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Trading in Lane

Supporters can mix Flash with Ignite, Heal, or Exhaust. In the lane, ignite is the audacious choice. It is most typically seen on supports with early access to crowd control. Additionally typically, this leads to tank supports. Healing is a great alternative if your bot laner decides against taking it for themselves. It might not be the best strategy to take on support, but it could be better than having no healer at all in the lane. The double heal effect is effective even in 2v2 matches. Exhaust is a fantastic tool for helping with carry peeling. Most often, enchanter supports use this. 

Trading in Lane

Trading in Lane


How to play support in League of Legends. Warding is one of your main roles in the game as a support. In addition to the Warding Totems and Sightstone wards you set up, you are required to always have Vision Wards on the map.

Wave Management

As a support, you frequently depend on your ally’s bot laner’s decision about how to handle the wave. Communication with your bot laner is crucial because your damage and wave clear are frequently insufficient.


How to play support in League of Legends in a 2v2 lane, your carry may occasionally not require you in the lane. The wave may be smashing beneath your own turret, the opponent may have recalled back to base, or the opposing laners may be weak and unthreatening. You can now move across the map as a support to aid your fellow players at certain times. How to play support in League of Legends.

Tips For Playing Support 

How to play support in League of Legends. Burst mage is a third, less prevalent form of support. If your team’s composition lacks damage, try trying out with champions like Brand or Vel’Koz.

You should reserve your shields and heals for your team’s carriers during teamfights. While your bot laner keeps farming minions, it might be advantageous to walk up and make a quick trade in lane while shielding yourself.

Consider the several paths the adversary may take to gank your or your teammates’ lanes when warding. You may frequently block off all opponent paths on one side of the map with your three available wards plus your Vision Ward.

For your carry to last hit beneath turret, you can aid in preparing the minions. To auto-attack caster minions once is one tactic. After they take one turret fire, this puts them in your bot laner’s easy kill range.

Tips For Playing Support 

Tips For Playing Support

Flashing away from the action in teamfights as a support is nothing to be frightened of. Because of your poor economic standing, you are frequently quite fragile and helpless when you are dead.

When you go roving, make sure your route is secure. If you wander too far up the river and the opponent jungler and mid laner aren’t visible on the map, you risk strolling into your own doom. 

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