How to get better in League of Legends – 5 best tips by Together with Dota 2, League of Legends, a 13-year-old strategy-focused MOBA game, revolutionized the genre and laid the groundwork for all subsequent games in the same vein. We have witnessed the players’ evolution over time, changing from simple conformists who mindlessly followed a preset set of rules into fearless risk-takers who push the boundaries on a regular basis.

It’s harder than ever to start playing League and develop better since the game and the players fundamentally altered League’s reality.

1. Focus on one role – How to get better in League of Legends

How to get better in League of Legends?. First, find out through this setion: Focus on one role – How to get better in League of Legends. You should only play one major role in Ranked if you want to develop your League of Legends skills overall and boost your chances of winning games. You greatly reduce your chances of winning games if you play every position or choose fill as your favorite role.

Focus on one role - How to get better in League of Legends

Focus on one role – How to get better in League of Legends

Imagine being filled up and receiving Jungle. Despite your lack of expertise, you manage to complete the game of Jungle. The opponent Jungler is a Jungle OTP, as you can see in your Mobalytics app. They are going to be difficult to play against since they are more adept at the role than you are.

You will gain more experience and be able to perform successfully if you focus on one role. You will get better at something the more you do it. Playing your primary function often can help you have a deeper understanding of how the job is performed, how matches unfold, and what you can and cannot accomplish in certain matches.

Playing a supporting position that is comparable to the lane you main is beneficial, though. For instance, Mid and Top or Support and ADC. They are somewhat overlapping, and you may readily transfer knowledge and skills from one function to the other.

2. Solidify your champion pool

You simply need a small selection of champions to play in ranked, similar to maining a role. League of Legends has 156 champions, and even if you played them all, you wouldn’t be competitive enough to win matches on any of them. Your odds of winning games significantly enhance if you frequently play 2 to 5 champions since you are accustomed to doing so. – How to get better in League of Legends

Even though the match is statistically in your favor, they will win if you are against someone who one-tricks a champion and you have only played them in a small number of games.

I advise having one main champion, followed by two to four backup champions you may use in case your primary champion is banned or countered. Check out the Mobalytics tier list if you are having trouble deciding which champions to play or which ones are good right now. Select a few champions that are S-tier right now.

Picking champions that can perform numerous roles or be flexible is a good idea as well. Lissandra, for instance, may be extended into the Mid and Top lanes despite not being a fantastic champion at the moment. Lucian is also playable at Top, Mid, and ADC.

3. Place better wards

One of the most underappreciated and underused how to get better in League of Legends is warding. You and your squad can learn so much from warding that it will help you win the game. – How to get better in League of Legends – How to get better in League of Legends

You must understand when, when, and how to ward successfully in League of Legends since it has such an influence.

Place better wards

Place better wards

Check out our comprehensive warding guide, which lists all the top warding spots in League of Legends, if you want to find out where to ward. To make things more simpler, it divides up each position and lane.

You have to purchase Control Wards during the game and set them up all across the map. You don’t need to buy one on every back, only sometimes, and you should replace them as the game progresses and your current one dies. Make sure to routinely establish Control Wards and to invest in them.

4. Understand wave management

Understand wave management – How to get better in League of Legends. High ELO players misuse wave management and learning when to push and when not to. Although it is challenging to perfect, the idea is quite easy to grasp. A major error I observe in lower ELO players’ lanes is how they handle the minion waves. – How to get better in League of Legends

During the laning phase, avoid continuously pushing the minion wave. Pushing the minion wave too much exposes you to ganks from the opponent Jungler, which causes you to lose life and fall behind.

Additionally, if you force the opponent towards their tower, they could zone you away from their minions or go all-in on you when you approach to get last-hits on their minions. On the other hand, because their tower is protecting them, you can have trouble killing the adversary.

It’s easy to learn how to freeze. Make sure there are an equal number of enemy and allied minions if you want the wave of minions to stay in the middle of the lane. Make sure there are more enemy minions than friendly minions if you want the wave to come closer to your side of the lane.

Freezing is a fantastic tactic. You may be able to zone the adversary out of the farm and take the lead in CS and XP as a result. As a Jungler may easily gank an allied frozen lane, it frequently results in single kills or kills for your jungler.

5. Master Mobalytics

Our final piece of advice is to get proficient with the Mobalytics companion app. You can discover a ton of information on the Mobalytics website to assist you in playing your favorite champions, including builds, runes, combos, and much, much more.

Using the finest settings to help you win in League of Legends is one approach to get better at the game. You’ll cause more harm than good if you use the wrong runes or construct the incorrect equipment.

Master Mobalytics

Master Mobalytics

On the other hand, you don’t need to keep up with the greatest runes and gear from patch to patch because the Mobalytics App can auto-import them.

Throughout your game, the Mobalytics App will also provide you helpful hints, such as displaying enemy power surges, offering general matchup advice, notifying you when objectives are spawning, and much more. Use it as a climbing aid to assist you. The section: Master Mobalytics also closed the article: How to get better in League of Legends

League of Legends is a game that you can get better at without playing all the time. Climbing and improving as a player as a whole will be made possible by learning fundamental principles and then using them in the game. Through How to get better in League of Legends – 5 best tips hope you have best tips.